Anonymous asked: You haven't been on lately 😔

I know, I’m horrible 😣 

I’ve just been really busy with school & work. & then moving into my own apartment is pretty stressful! But I promise I’ll try to be on more often now, since things been dying down a bit. ❤️💋

Feb 09 - 8 months ago -


Harry Styles brushes his teeth with lube, pass it on.

The only two people that matter in the kardashian family


Are Khloe Kardashian and Scott Disick. That is all. I adore those two, can’t stand the rest of them.

So she stole my dear Christa’s fanfic & claimed it as her own on WattPad. & If she thinks she’s getting away with it without me saying anything she’s sadly mistaken. This is bullshit. You don’t steal someone else’s hard work & say it’s yours. Telling people you worked your ass off. Yeah bitch because copy & pasting is so damn hard! & no I’m not gonna give you credit for that damn cover. It probably was stolen too! If you wanna use someone else’s work fucking credit them! Because they’re the one who worked their ass off! Ughhh, someone take her back to English class & make her read a book about plagiarism. Before I shove that book up her ass. Ugh I hate people like this! Get a fucking life!

Jan 19 - 9 months ago -

Here is why I have a major fucking problem.


I love to write. I write all the time, a lot more than just my fanfics. I have stuff in journals and on notes on my phone, etc. I choose to post my fanfics on here because I know that people like to read them. Nothing makes me happier than seeing when someone likes a chapter, or sends me a message…

Or I will find you & cut you up into pieces & feed you to Zayn’s pitbull!


no more “things I can’t” and “I can’t change” tattoos wow Harry let’s talk about some things


i feel so sorry for people who have joined the fandom in 2014 because they missed out on so many things for example single zayn, the wanted twitter war, thunder thigh harry, haroline drama, #askmodest, first brit award, first vmas, louis wearing glasses, curly haired liam, niall wearing braces, chystabelle riley, little things release mass crying, and most importantly haylor aka world war III

if u havent been here when this stuff happened then u havent lived man


Can everyone pull the stick out of their ass and shut the fuck up now? Jesus!

Some of you sound like a bunch of illiterate ignorant assholes! Like seriously! So Liam’s a homophobe because he’s a fan & respects the guy? Give me a fucking break! You guys just want people to all have one opinion & that’s to have the same opinion as you. Well not everyone is as weak minded as y’all are. Some of us actually have a mind of our own. Ugh you people piss me tf off!!!

Jan 18 - 9 months ago - 1 note


Can we talk about Niall for a second? Harry’s “dating” Niall’s crush number one. Number two, Harry went to the fucking EAGLES CONCERT WITH HER. How much you wanna fucking bet that Kendall doesn’t even know who they are. I just, it seems to me like harry doesn’t give two shits about his friends…

AMEN! 🙌🙌🙌🙌